Our History

Kiki's Clinic Therapy room

Kiki's Clinic Therapy room

Mrs C. (Kiki) von Eisenhart-Goodwin, paediatric PT, started the KCC in 1996. The clinic has grown over the years and now has an international team of independent, highly qualified and experienced paediatric therapists working together to offer optimal therapy and treatment to a wide range of clients.

In 2008 the clinic moved to new enhanced and expanded facilities with 3 individual treatment rooms at 124 Thurleigh Road, immediately across the road from the original premises.

Our Philosophy

  • The Kiki’s Children’s Clinic has a simple aim – to help children to live their lives fully.
  • Our therapists encourage the child to do their best through play and fun. Kiki’s Clinic therapists have a special affinity for children; we really like treating, inspiring and being with them! 
  • If therapy is needed, it’s never too early, and hardly ever too late, to start.
  • If you are worried about your child’s development seek help and advice early!
  • Children are not small adults; They change and develop with surprising speed.
  • NOTE: Your child may have complex needs and require treatment or advice from a number of medical professionals. With your consent, the Kiki’s Children’s Clinic will liaise with your NHS and educational professionals and elsewhere, to ensure the best outcome for your child.

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