The Kiki’s Children’s Clinic is a recognised physiotherapy and occupational therapy provider. Patients may reclaim their fees subject to the terms and conditions of their personal medical cover.

Kiki’s Children’s Clinic staff will not advise you on the details of your insurance cover which are between you and your insurer. If your insurance does not cover the full cost of treatment, you are required to pay the excess at the time of treatment. The clinic charges the same fee for all hourly treatment sessions. Initial assessments are charged individually according to the time taken. Travel charges are incurred when the therapist has to travel to your home, the school or nursery as required according to the child’s needs. You can be referred by your GP or Consultant, or you may make your own appointment by telephoning the clinic directly. Please call or e-mail for details of our fees

The following are some of the insurance companies that recognise Kiki’s Children’s Clinic: