Yoga For Special Needs

Yoga For Special Needs . The benefits of yoga therapy for children with special needs are extensive and have an overall impact to the general wellbeing, calmness and self-awareness of the child, not to mention the physical benefits of strength, flexibility, muscle tone and alignment.

Physio First

The Organisation of Chartered Physiotherapists in Private Practice is the representative body of self employed members within the CSP.


KidsPhysio is an independent private practice offering physiotherapy for children based in Milton Keynes. They provide and home based physiotherapy for kids in the MK area.

Families Online

The Families Online site provides useful information to parents with young children. Click and you will find sections on education… parenting… health… babies… activities… childcare… holidays…and more. The site contains archived information you can search through from the UK-based local Families Magazines group.

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy [CSP] is the sole professional body for all qualified physiotherapists in the UK and its members may be recognised by the letters MCSP or FCSP after their name.

London Orthotics Consultancy

Chris Drake set up the London Orthotics Consultancy . A dedicated Orthotic clinic that can provide all the Orthotics you need – go here, the orthotics are stunning!

Richmond Practice

Richmond Practice is a leading provider of specialist integrated family health care to local and international families in Richmond (Surrey), London. Dr Robert Arlt, the private Paediatrician, covers all aspects of both child and adolescent health.


HemiHelp was formed by a group of parents in  1990 to offer information and support to children and young people with hemiplegia, to their families or carers and to the professionals who work with them and to increase general awareness of the condition. This site has a HUGE amount of very valuable and useful information.