Chris. Kristy & Harvey May’20

DEB = Harvey’s secret favourite, it’s your aussie accent and constant encouragement

KIKI= no excuses, get it done, but secretly is Harvey is her favourite 😉 that’s what we tell him anyway

TEHMI = a slice of home, the zim way, caring, gentle and kind


ALL OF YOU = thank god we have you as 2 parents trying to juggle this journey.

Chris. Kristy & Harvey May’20


I would like to pass on our appreciation for Amelia, SLT. She has been wonderful to work with and her enthusiasm and way with the children in her care is lovely to see. She has a broad skillset and is really helping us see a way to communicate better with them and they are already making progress because of her.

Shane Dervan, Early Years teacher at Corpus Christi school , London

Richard & Harriet

Our daughter Lettie is developmentally delayed and now aged almost six is still not talking properly. But since coming to Kiki’s Clinic for occupational and speech therapy, Lettie has come on tremendously in terms of her development. She is so much better at using her hands and has developed real core muscle strength.


We’ve been taking our little boy (2.5y) to Kiki’s for about 6 months now and it’s been by far the best decision ever made! She is a godsend, she is everything you would expect a therapist for your child to be. Kind, warm, caring and immensely experienced. She loves her job, she’s fantastic at it and she’s made an incredible difference in our lives and the life of our boy. To all the parents and carers out there- I cannot recommend her more. 10/10!! We love you Kiki x


I am so grateful to Kiki's clinic for the help and support they have offered my son over the last two years. He has been receiving weekly Occupational Therapy and both his fine and gross motor skills have really improved as well as his overall physical confidence. His concentration skills have also dramatically improved and he thrives from each session. The therapists have been a great support and provided very helpful advice for activities at home to support his sessions.


We are very happy that we were given a chance to visit Kiki’s clinic and we are very thankful that it is there for the patients, helping to improve their lives!!! Thank you, your hard work is highly appreciated!!!


You’re all amazing!! and I don’t know where Harriett would be without your clinic. We have been visiting Kiki’s clinic for nearly three years and the progress our daughter has made, has been amazing.