Next Social Skills Group starts 7th Sep '19

Social Skills Groups (SSG) address social and emotional skills that impact behaviour, social interaction and learning. The next group will run for 6 weeks on Saturday mornings from 7th September. Please contact the clinic if you are interested. Prior to offering your child a place on the group we need to carry out a 45 min ‘screening’ to assess your child’s suitability for the group. 

More information about Social Skills Groups here.

London Therapist Team

London Therapist Team at Kiki's Clinic

London Therapist Team at Kiki's Clinic

Details of the Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists at Kiki’s Clinic in South London can now be viewed on the website. Annemarie is happy to be the newest addition to the physiotherapy team at Kiki’s Children’s Clinic

Click here to meet all the Team 

New Website

New Website for

New Website for

Kiki's Clinic has a new website built by bitefirst . It's now mobile friendly, fast to view pages and provides up to date information about the clinic.

Clinic at 124 Thurleigh Road

Kiki's Clinic is now based at 124 Thurleigh Road providing all services.