The Kiki’s Children’s Clinic Occupational Therapists offer handwriting groups

Group sessions are suitable for any child who needs help to improve:

  • Pencil grip
  • Letter formation
  • Letter and word sizing
  • Letter and word spacing
  • Neatness
  • Writing speed
  • Progression from print to cursive  (joined up) writing
  • Progression from pencil to pen use.

Groups motivate and boost writing confidence.  Group sessions offer an affordable yet highly effective therapy environment.  A questionnaire needs to be completed to determine which group a child should join.  The small group therapy techniques aim to develop and enhance fine motor skills.

With guidance from the Occupational Therapist, children support and motivate each other with praise, understanding and encouragement to reach individual goals.

Group programme summary

  • 8 one hour sessions.
  • One session a week.
  • All necessary tools and stationary provided.
  • Homework exercises given out at the end of each session
  • A summary of the topics covered during each session will also be given to parents.


The 8 session programme, including pens, pencils, stationary, notes and homework exercises.


Groups will be run once a week at the Kiki’s Children’s Clinic.


Telephone clinic on Tel: 020 7450 1708 or email